3D Printed Juggling Club Holster with Carabiner Clip


The Triangle Holster holds 3 Juggling clubs, and can be attached to other objects using the carabiner clip.

These 3D printed holsters are crafted from a strong but soft material, and are printed one at a time for maximum quality and aesthetic. When out and about, if used as intended these are a reasonably secure way to transport your clubs. Clip them onto anything for a creative solution to holding onto your clubs or keeping your clubs off the ground.

The Triangle style holsters allow for you to place a set of 3 clubs vertically on the floor, to make a nice display of 3 clubs in a stage performance, or on your coffee table. This standalone feature keeps your handles clean and up off of the ground rather than in the dirt where they are more likely to be stepped on.

These fit every standard club on the market including those manufactured by Henry’s, Play, K8, Flowtoys, Aerotech, and more.



The 3D Printed Juggling Club Holsters hold any type of club!
Seen here, they can easily hold clubs from all manufacturers.

(Left: A black holster is shown holding a Henry’s Pirouette, a Play PX4, and a K8 Malabares Prophecy. Right: A white holster is shown holding 3 Henry’s Nite Flite Juggling Torches)


Seen in action in the 2 photos below, the 3D Printed Club Holsters were product tested during the first Water Skuggling session of the 70th annual International Jugglers Association Festival held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Thanks to Fusion Edge Photography for the photos, and to the Five Seasons Ski Team for facilitating the experience!

(Left: Exuro Piechocki prepares for a dock start with several holsters attached to his floatation vest. Right: Josh Casey and John Jessmon pass clubs while water skiing. Being able to carry more clubs meant that they were able to make more attempts per run than they could without the holsters)



Custom orders and bulk discounts available by request.
Manufactured in Washington, USA by ProtoBeam.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in

White, Black


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